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Cancer Prevention Studies

The York Cancer Center strives to bring the most current cancer therapies available to our community, with respect to treatment, symptom management, and prevention.  We continue to collaborate in a large number of National Cancer Institute and industry-sanctioned cooperative group trials.  These collaborations have allowed us the opportunity to help bring some cancer treatments to our community that would normally be available only at larger centers or universities.

Our research team continually works to provide the community with a variety of prevention studies.  The research team is a dedicated group of professionals who work in conjunction with physicians, nurses and patients to facilitate enrollment in studies and detail collection of research data, which is then submitted to the statistical centers.

The following is a list of the cancer prevention studies that are currently available to our patients in the community.

To learn more about prevention studies, talk to your physician or call us at (717) 741-8100 or (877) 441-7957.

There are no active prevention studies.