6th Annual Wilderness Medicine and Survival Skills Conference

The 6th Annual Wilderness Medicine Conference was a great success.

Please click here to see details for the upcoming 7th Annual Wilderness Medicine and Survival Skills Conference to be held September 20-22, 2013.

 Conference Itinerary
 Survival Workshop
 Kids' Course
 Registration/Contact Us

Sponsored by WellSpan Health, WellSpan York Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Friday, Sept. 7 to Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012
360 Deagen Rd., Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331

Free meals with registration
Free on-site camping or $25.00 per night for a rustic cabin
Family friendly: bring your significant other and/or kids!

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Conference itinerary
WellSpan York Hospital’s Emergency Medicine Residency’s
6th Annual Wilderness Medicine & Survival Skills Seminar: September 7-9, 2012
(Itinerary subject to change)
This year's theme: Travel & Tropical and Urban Survival
2013 theme: Summer & Altitude and Summer Survival
2014 theme: Winter & Cold and Winter Survival

Friday, September 7, 2012
1200-1700 Survival Workshop (click here) Kuipers
1700-1800 Dinner*  
1800-1900 Introduction to Wilderness Medicine Bowman
1900-2000 Animal Attacks Bowman
Saturday, September 8, 2012
0730-0900 Breakfast  
0900-1000 Surviving a Nuclear Event Goodman Mumma
1000-1100 Planning for Group Travel Stauffer
1100-1200 Workshops: pick one (1 hour each)
A: Toxic Botanicals
B: Managing Victims of Radioactive Dispersal
C: Hotel Survival, Fires and Civil Unrest
Goodman Mumma
1200-1330 Lunch*  
1200-1330 K-9 Search & Rescue Demo Rogers
1330-1630 Workshops: pick two (1 1/2 hour each)
A: Overview of Bioterrorism and the NDMS
    (National Disaster Medical System)
B: Splint Anything WITH Anything
C: Tracking
D: Ropes & Knots

1630-1800 Dinner* Pig Roast (& Quesadillas)  
1630-1800 Adventure Vehicle Demo Sipe
1800-2000 Workshops: pick two (1 hour each)
A: Traveler's Diarrhea
B: Medical Kits for Expeditions
C: Traps & Snares
Sunday, September 9, 2012
0700-0830 Breakfast  
0830-0930 Malaria Kaminstein
0930-1130 Workshops: pick two (1 hour each)
A: Seafood Toxins
B: Gun Safety
    (come on down to the shootin' range)
C: Survival Kits
D: Personal Safety
    (a few tips from a Black Belt)

1130-1300 Lunch*  
1130-1300 Disaster Response Team (DRT) demo Hough/Steckert
1300-1400 Epidemics  after Natural Disasters Jahre
1400-1600 Workshops: pick two (1 hour each)
A: Fever in the Returned Traveler
B: Overview of Search & Rescue Medicine
C: Primitive Fire Starting
D: Field Dressing your Catch (butchering demo using a live chicken) (only offered during the first hour)
1600-1700 Mini MedWAR competition
Breakdown (many hands make light work)
* Rappelling Platform will be staffed during all Lunches and Dinners.

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Eric Bowman, M.D., FACEP, FAWM, Course Organizer


Eric Bowman, M.D., FACEP, FAWM, Course Organizer
He is the Director of the Wilderness Medicine Section within the Department of Emergency Medicine at WellSpan York Hospital's Emergency Medicine Residency, York, Pa. Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, Wilderness Medical Society member; certified in Advanced Wilderness Life Support, Wilderness Advanced Life Support, and Outdoor Emergency Care; active member of the National Ski Patrol. Outdoor interests include downhill skiing, SCUBA diving, camping, backpacking, white water rafting, caving, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, and survival skills. Photo is of Machu Picchu after hiking the classic Inca Trail. Also in the photo is his wife, Katherine (“Kat”), the tireless behind-the-scenes champion of the Wilderness Medicine Conference.
Scott Kuipers Scott Kuipers, Survival Expert
He is a professional wilderness consultant and lover of wild places. He is an internationally renowned wilderness survival and wilderness medicine expert and long time wilderness guide. His background includes work in the fields of survival, team building, navigation, mountaineering, whitewater paddling, coastal kayaking, wilderness medicine, expedition planning, animal and man tracking. His clients include State and Federal land use agencies, the wilderness medicine community, schools, non-profit groups, military and law enforcement, families, individuals and the entertainment industry. He is an avid hiker, climber, skier, paddler, bicyclist, equestrian and outdoor athlete. Scott’s main focus is reconnecting people to the natural world through outdoor adventures, trainings and programs that develop environmental literacy. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Cathleen Stauffer, RN Cathleen Stauffer, RN
My first taste of adventure was at the young age of 18 when I flew to Canada by myself , boarded an aircraft, (which afforded a better view of the Canadian countryside through the holes in the floor than through the windows) and visited an Indian reservation. Upon graduating from nursing school, I traveled to the remote areas of Honduras with a medical/dental team and fell in love with the country. In 1999, I founded Casa Corazon, a ministry that brings children to the USA for donated complex surgery that cannot be performed safely in Honduras. When medically safe, these children are returned to their parents. Casa Corazon has sponsored over 100 children. Casa also takes medical, surgical, and construction teams to Honduras several times a year. I have traveled to Honduras more times than I can recall and have been accused of being 50% Honduran. While each journey is an adventure, we have only lost one nurse in the mountains of Honduras.... (yes, we found her and she actually came back again for another trip!) Thanks to Eric Bowman being in charge of packing our medical team emergency kit, we successfully splinted a dentist's broken ankle. He bravely finished the trip and had ankle surgery to repair the fracture several days after returning to the USA. I am the mother of 3 children (2 of which are native Hondurans) and am employed as an RN in WellSpan York Hospital's Emergency Department.
Larry Goldhahn, MD Larry Goldhahn, MD*
He is an alumnus of WellSpan York Hospital’s Emergency Medicine Residency and a full-time attending at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital (also part-time at WellSpan York Hospital). He loves getting into the outdoors whenever possible. He especially enjoys horseback riding, mountain biking, camping, fishing and even hunting, from time to time. He also enjoys water related activities and, since serving in the Navy, believes the most beautiful location on the planet is where you can’t see land for 360 degrees. He’s a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and is pursuing the Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.
Thurmont K-9 SAR Thurmont K-9 SAR
Thurmont K-9 SAR provides Air Scent Dog Teams to assist with lost person searches in wilderness and urban interface environments. We follow criteria equivalent to FEMA Type II Wilderness Air Scent Team capabilities. The team can be self-sustaining for 48 hours in all weather conditions and low angle wilderness terrain or larger areas of 120 acres or more.

Our team is also proud to present HUG-A-TREE and Survive program which teaches basic safety and survival skills to children ages 6-15. These important skills are credited in saving hundreds of lives since the program began in 1981.

Daniel Bledsoe, MD R. Daniel Bledsoe, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
He is the Director of the Section of Prehospital Care and Disaster Medicine within the Emergency Medicine Residency at WellSpan York Hospital. His interests include anything related to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Disaster Management. He serves as a Medical Team Manager for Pennsylvania Task Force One, one of FEMA's 28 national Urban Search and Rescue Teams. He has deployed for many regional and national disasters, including Hurricane Katrina. He is also involved locally in community fire and EMS organizations, having served as both Chief of and Associate Medical Director for Wellspan EMS. Due to a mishap with a rock, he is now a fan of carrying a SAM splint with him on his outdoor adventures. When not providing medical care (to patients or himself), he avidly pursues his hobby as an amateur baseball umpire, calling balls and strikes in local teenage and men's leagues. A proud West Virginian, his photo shows him about to release on the longest zip line east of the Mississippi at Burning Rock, in Raleigh County, WV.
Timothy Swift Timothy Swift MHS, PAC, WFR*
He is a Physician Assistant in Primary Care with Geisinger Health System in Montoursville, PA. Previously, he was a Certified Athletic Trainer, working in professional baseball and in the High School setting. Upon becoming a Physician Assistant, he has worked in Orthopaedics, Oncology, and Rehab Medicine before his current position in Primary Care. Recently, he obtained his Wilderness First Responder through the National Outdoor Leadership School and now is pursuing his Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He serves as a medical volunteer and online reviewer for First Descents, a charity providing climbing, kayaking and other adventure experiences to cancer survivors ages 18-39. His outdoor interests include backpacking, road cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and just about anything that will get him outdoors.
John Rollhauser John Rollhauser, EMT-B, OEC, Professional Ski Patroller and Co-Founder Adventure Med Rescue
He is a professional ski patroller at Liberty Mountain Resort, and co-founder of Adventure Med Rescue. Adventure Med Rescue provides medical and rescue support to adventure races and other races in non-urban environments where access to standard emergency medical care is not readily available. He is also an instructor for outdoor emergency care, lift evacuation, off-trail and rope rescue and climbing. He enjoys pursuits that take him into the outdoors. He is an avid rock climber, hiker, backpacker, mountaineer, mountain biker, skier and caver. He believes one of the best sounds in the world is rain on his tent at night.
Tara Assi, PA-C Tara Assi, PA-C*
Assi is a physician assistant at Gettysburg Surgical Associates. She is presently working on her FAWM. She is the proud mother of twins, who you will likely see running around at the conference. Her interests include hiking and traveling.
Dan Kaminstein, MD, DTM&H


Dan Kaminstein, MD, DTM&H
Is an Emergency Medicine physician at WellSpan York Hospital. Dan completed fellowships in both international medicine and ultrasound. He has worked in various countries in South America, Asia, and Africa running medical clinics. He holds a degree in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
Matt Stephens, MD*


Matt Stephens, MD*
Matt is a second year Emergency Medicine resident at WellSpan York Hospital who is currently pursuing fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. Among his favorite outdoor activities are backpacking, camping, sailing, skiing, and shooting.
Jeffrey Jahre, MD, FACP


Jeffrey Jahre, MD, FACP
Is the Senior Vice President of Medical and Academic Affairs at St. Luke’s Hospital, a Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine and an Infectious Disease Specialist with an interest in Travel Medicine. He is the Founder of the Lehigh Valley’s first Travel and Immunization Clinic at St. Luke’s, a charter member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and long time member and regional lecturer of the Wilderness Medical Society. When not working to support his two horse dependents he and his wife enjoy western trail riding, scuba diving and skiing. He prefers wrangling livestock to wrangling over medical staff issues.
Saulius Elertas, EMT-P, FP-C Saulius Elertas EMT-P, FP-C*
Saul is a flight paramedic with the Penn State Life Lion Critical Care Transport program. He is also a Medical Specialist with
Pennsylvania US&R Task Force 1, and is certified in numerous technical rescue disciplines. As a member of the Wilderness
Medical Society, he is working towards achieving a Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine, and enjoys both studying, and teaching about wilderness medicine. Outdoor interests include hiking, camping, mountain biking and kayaking.
Richard Trierweiler, MD, MPH, FAWM and Stephanie Reighart, MA, A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Stephanie Reighart, MA, A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Her Interest in the outdoors began with long-distance bicycling (and drafting skinny men in spandex) in high school. She expanded on her outdoor skills by joining the OSU mountaineering club with whom she learned to climb, boulder, mountaineer and signed up for a fateful ice climbing trip. She also spent a semester in the wilderness of the Yukon with the National Outdoor Leadership School, took a WFR course, raced bicycles for the Dartmouth collegiate team and decided to take a short hike on the Appalachian Trail from GA to ME.

Richard Trierweiler, MD, MPH, FAWM
His outdoor adventures began as soon as he was big enough to reach door locks, grasp sharp and dangerous tools (Read: play toys) from the garage and make a brake for the woods. He went on to do the whole Boy Scout/Eagle Scout thing, work as a Ranger at Philmont Scout ranch, complete an Ironman, start a triathlon club at Dartmouth, join the Dartmouth Outing Club (to hike, trailwork, ice climb, eat a lot, backcountry ski, and lead ice climbing, canoeing and skiing trips), get his WEMT, mountaineer in Ecuador, join a search and rescue team, etc. Next came medical school at OSU where he started a Wilderness Medicine Interest Group, joined the OSU mountaineering club (and led a fateful ice climbing trip, then learned to sport climb from a 5'2" brunette). And that made time for a short bicycle trip from San Diego to St. Augustine, an MPH at Dartmouth and starting residency at WellSpan York Hospital, where he recently finished his FAWM.

Together they enjoy adventure races and triathlons, hike, boulder, rock climb, ice climb, mountaineer, travel internationally, get vehicles stuck on (illegal) back roads in Iceland, sneak contraband produce across the US-Canada border, get pelted by rain while clutching the sides of a pickup careening down mountain roads between coffee bushes in Panama, etc.

Bill Gibbons Bill Gibbons*
Bill (photo, right side, with his Med War team) is the founder and president of the GOALS Adventure Racing Association. He is aptly qualified through decades of search and rescue training and instructing with the Civil Air Patrol, the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force. His skills as an instructor and athlete are what motivated him to form the non-profit adventure racing organization. Bill’s wife, Anne, also has an Expert rating in search and rescue and serves as the executive director of GOALS-ARA.

Over the years, Bill has attended the Air Force Academy Survival Course and participated in search missions in various parts of the United States. He teaches the technical skills involved in adventure racing including high angle ropes skills, navigation, basic wilderness survival, and basic bike repair. He has also participated in races lasting from 6 hours to 40 hours and has trained as the alternate for the nationally ranked GOALS-ARA team when they enter races that last up to 10 days.

Bill is also pursuing his goal to become a physician and is currently a 3rd year medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He plans to specialize in Emergency Medicine, with an additional emphasis in Wilderness and Sports Medicine.

Bill and Anne have three fledgling adventurers at home, Hope, age 5, and William and Julia, age 3.

Colleen Tran, MD Colleen Tran, MD*
She is currently an emergency medicine resident at WellSpan York Hospital and a FAWM candidate. Prior to medical school she led wilderness trips for fellow college students and had a particular interest in leadership in the outdoors. She now enjoys traveling the world and has visited 16 countries so far.
D. Scott McCracken D. Scott McCracken, MD*
Scott grew up in Emmaus, PA, and got the backpacking bug early in life as a boy scout. Naturally, backpacking curiosity led to bigger ideas, and Scott participated in and at times led mountaineering expeditions throughout North and South America. He has also been a longtime swimmer, cyclist, runner, and cross-country skier, and enjoys all things outdoors with his wife and three children. Scott got involved in wilderness medicine in 2002 via a Wilderness EMT course through SOLO in Conway, NH. Eventually and circuitously, this led to his career change from engineering to medicine.

Most recently, he has been involved in wilderness leadership and wilderness medicine as an instructor at Drexel University College of Medicine, Weill Cornell Wilderness Medicine, WellSpan York Hospital Family Medicine Residency, and at several regional wilderness conferences. Scott is currently a Family Medicine doctor at the WellSpan York Hospital Community Health Center, has received several teaching awards, and continues to be active in resident and medical student teaching. His passions in wilderness medicine include Lyme Disease, Women's Health, Children's Health, Environmental Advocacy, and Altitude Medicine.

Cynthia Goodman Mumma, MS, MSE Cynthia Goodman Mumma, MS, MSE (Eng) DABR
A native Oklahoman, Cynthia Goodman Mumma has more than two decades of professional experience delivering imaging physics and radiation protection services in both teaching hospitals and R&D settings. Certified by the American Board of Radiology in both Diagnostic Radiological and Medical Nuclear Physics, Cynthia obtained graduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Washington and Medical Radiological Physics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Cynthia comes to Wellspan Health from the Lehigh Valley Health Network, where she has served as Imaging Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer for over twelve years. While at LVHN, she developed and implemented a number of programs directed at ensuring safe and efficacious applications of radiation in medicine.

Cynthia is dually focused on her family---her husband Ben (a neurophysiologist based at Hershey Medical Center), daughter Maya (a freelance film editor in Manhattan), and sons Andrew (a graduate student at University of Pittsburgh) and Joel (a research assistant at UPMC). What spare time remains is divided across involvement in the arts and the outdoors.

Daniel Snyder Daniel Snyder
He is an assistant instructor at MACE Martial Arts. He has been studying and training in the martial arts for over 25 years. He is a black belt (first degree) in Tae Kwon Do. After receiving his black belt in TKD, he decided to train in other martial art styles. Additional training includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chung, Krav Maga, Russian Sambo, and Aikido. He has traveled to many seminars to train with some legends (past and present) of the martial arts world. He has competed in the tri-state area in various martial arts and grappling tournaments. Now retired from the competition, he trains and coaches students in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. He has trained fighters on the amateur and professional level.

He was involved with the very first legal MMA cage fight held in PA. He has recently been training in Reality Based Self Defense and Awareness. After all of those years learning how to hurt people he enrolled into the Wellspan EMS academy to learn how to help people. His outside interests include mountain biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, white water rafting, and any other activity surrounded by the outdoors and nature. We asked Dan to replace the chainsaw by chopping the firewood for the conference by hand (chop, chop).

* FAWM candidate: This seminar provides teaching opportunities for candidates who are working towards their Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine

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Pre-conference Survival Skills Workshop

Pre-conference survival skills workshopFriday September 7, 2012, noon-5 pm
Cost: $65

Limited number of registrants accepted for this small group survival skills workshop. Nationally known survival expert from Santa Fe will teach participants basics of surviving the unexpected.

Topics that will be covered include:

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Survival and outdoor skills course for kids

Survival and outdoor skills course for kidsCost: $60 (includes 6 meals)
Children under 8: No charge

Occurring simultaneously to the main course, there will be a special itinerary for children. The topics and Faculty for each session will
be posted at the beginning of the Conference.

Our talented Faculty will take turns teaching sessions. The kids will learn many survival and outdoor skills.

The kids survival/outdoor skills course is open to all kids older than 7 yrs old. It is geared towards children age 8-16. We found that
older teens prefer to sit in on the main course.

What about kids under 8?
Any kids “post-diaper stage” to age 7 are invited to attend our “Wilderness Daycare.” We have volunteers staff an outdoor program for the little tikes so the adults can enjoy the program. Some light activities will be provided. We ask that parents take over care during meal time and during any “moody moments.” Kids still in diapers can be present on site, we just ask for continuous parental supervision.

Kids' Course Schedule:

Friday, September 7, 2012   Lead Instructor
1800-2000 Backpacking Meals and Cooking McCracken
Saturday, September 8, 2012    
0900-1200 Ropes, Knots & Climbing (Beginner and Advanced groups) Richard
1330-1500 Compass Treasure Hunt Tran
1500-1630 K-9 Search & Rescue Demo & "Hug-A-Tree" program Thurmont K-9
1800-2000 Splint Anything with Anything Swift
Sunday, September 9, 2012
0830-1000 Emergency Preparedness:
When Things Go Wrong
1000-1130 Improvised Shelters: Ponchos and Tarps Tomes
1300-1430 Survival Priorities: Actions when LOST Gibbons
1430-1600 Black Belt moves and "Break some Boards" Snyder

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LodgingCamping: Free on site camping. The course is held on 10 acres of private forested land- pitch a tent anywhere- no charge! Last year, there were dozens of tents. It was very exciting to see so many folks camp on site.

Cabins: $25.00 per night are available one block away at a local Church Camp; rustic, one bedroom, toilet and sink in each cabin, separate shower facility (also rustic). This is a great option if you prefer a simple lodging option without the effort of setting up a tent. http://fellowshipcamp.com/  Cabin Reservations and payment are handled by Stacey and Becky when you register for the course (see Registration/Contact us section).

RV: electrical hook up available at the Church Camp for $20.00 per night

The two closest hotels:

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MealsMeals: Free with registration (and they are REALLY good!!)

All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch will be provided.

All meals are prepared outdoors over an open fire. Watch “Cook Bob” work tirelessly all weekend keeping the cook fire going. Enjoy his cast iron and dutch oven treats all weekend.

On Saturday there will be three separate fires ablaze: Pig Roast fire, Bob’s Cook fire, and the Campfire!
Saturday dinner will be a PIG ROAST! Enjoy watching the Pig Roasting process all day.

Ice Cream Bar Saturday Evening!!

Vegetarian options are provided for each meal. Examples include home-made Vegetable Soup (made from home-made vegetable stock),
Quesadillas, etc. There will be a posted menu for each meal. There will be a “V” next to each vegetarian option.

Picky Eaters:
We try to provide a gourmet touch to our outdoor cooking, but are aware of those with simpler tastes. Each meal will have some additional options for our picky eaters. Examples include PB&J, fruit, muffins, etc.

Additional Dietary categories:
Due to the complexity of pulling off such a complicated event, we will only be providing the options mentioned above. There should be enough food variety to accommodate most situations. If your dietary restrictions are complicated, you may want to bring some of your own food.

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CMEThis CME event is approved for 16 credit hours of Category 1 credit toward the AMA Physicians Recognition Award and the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Three hours are Trauma Related.

FAWM: Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine- credits received at this conference will count towards fulfilling the requirements of the FAWM.

Application has been made for nursing and paramedic continuing education credits.

“WellSpan Health is accredited by the Pennsylvania Medical Society to sponsor continuing medical education credits for physicians. WellSpan Health takes responsibility for the content, quality and scientific integrity of its CME activity.

WellSpan Health designates this educational activity for a maximum of 16 AMA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physician should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the educational activity.”

All faculty participating in continuing medical education programs sponsored by WellSpan Health are expected to disclose to the program audience whether they do or do not have any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest or other relationships related to the content of their presentations(s).

If you wish to attend this CME activity and have a disability which may require special accommodations, please contact the Department of Emergency Medicine at 717-851-3070. Thank you.

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Registration/Contact Us:

This is a non-profit course. Registration funds are used for food, supplies, rental items, and limited stipends. All of the physicians teaching at the course are volunteers.

We are pleased at the success of our unique course, but unfortunately there is a limit to our capacity. We do have to limit the number of registrants

Physicians: $360
Nurses/ NP/ PA: $235
Paramedics/ others: $160
Medical Students: $40
WellSpan York Hospital Residents: no charge as the course is supported by the Residency
Residents outside York Hospital:  $110
Spouses/ Children (each): $60
Children under 8: Free
Survival skills Pre-conference:  $65
Half price for single day attendance (in case you can’t attend the entire event)

Remember: Meals are provided at NO additional charge!! No charge for onsite camping!!

To register, please contact us at:

sroache@wellspan.org or call (717) 851-1392 and ask for Stacey
rbluett@wellspan.org or call (717) 851-3070 and ask for Becky
Emergency Department Administration: (717) 851-2450

For questions regarding the course content, directions, CME, FAWM, or anything else, feel free to contact the course director, Eric Bowman, at ebowman@wellspan.org

Make checks payable to "WellSpan York Hospital Emergency Medicine Education Fund"

Mail check to:.
  Emergency Department
  c/o Stacey Roache
  York Hospital
  1001 S. George St.
  York, PA 17405

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Additional Activities/ Entertainment:

Additional activities/entertainmentRappelling:
Learn how to rappel off of our 30 foot high rappelling platform. Throughout the weekend we will have experienced climbers manning the platform. You can even try it Commando/ Aussie style. Future improvements to the platform will be a climbing wall and a zip line. We may start work on the Climbing Wall before this year’s course.

Friday and Saturday evening will feature a bonfire (we like our fires BIG), complete with S’mores.
Saturday evening may also include an ice cream bar.

Outdoor movies for the kids:
Each evening we will have an outdoor kid friendly movie. The movie will be projected onto a screen: better than a Drive-In!

Survival store:
During meal time, we will open a small “store” where you will be able to purchase a few items that you will learn about during the weekend (so bring some cash- just in case). We usually have survival whistles, fire steels, SAM splints, hanks of para-cord, etc.

Meal time entertainment:
During Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday, we try to provide some form of entertainment. Saturday Lunch will be a demonstration by the Thurmont K-9 Search & Rescue Team http://www.thurmontk9sar.org. Saturday Dinner will be an Adventure Vehicle Demo. Sunday Lunch will be a demonstration by the Disaster Response Team (DRT).

Survival Tricks:
At the beginning of each educational session, a survival “trick” will be demonstrated. You will learn how to turn your wrist watch into a compass, how to remove a single strand from a section of para-cord, how to tell time using your fist, how to find the North Star, etc.

Back by popular demand will be a demonstration of Bear Spray (inside joke)…

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Conference Location and Directions:

360 Deagen Rd, Hanover, PA 17331

The entire course is held outdoors: please note- this is a Rain or Shine event!!

From York, PA: Rt. 30 west to Rt 116; take 116 through Spring Grove and almost to Hanover; Rt 116 is also known as York St when you get close to Hanover; turn left onto Deagen Rd (it looks like a parking lot for trucks, but it quickly opens up to a country road); 0.7 miles on Deagen to mailbox 360 on Left. Driveway entrance will be marked with signs/flags. Take paved drive ¼ mile to log home- park into the woods (this will be obvious when you get here).

IMPORTANT: the bridge in Spring Grove on Rt. 116 is closed for repairs. There are detour signs.

Take these phone numbers with you for any problems finding us:

Eric Bowman- 717-887-4387 (cell) 717-630-1161 (home- but try cell first)
Kat Bowman- 717-887-4388 (cell)

360 Deagen Rd
Hanover, PA 17331

Using GPS device?? Caution: We’ve been told from several folks in the past that they experienced GPS errors using our address. Please make sure your GPS device matches the directions above.

If you check out the directions on Google Maps first, it should be very easy to find the conference.

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If you have any questions that have not been answered in the above sections, please email the course director, Eric at ebowman@wellspan.org and we will add your Question below. It’s likely others may have the same question. Thanks.

Q: Who should attend?

A: Actually, anyone!
The main course is designed for the medically inclined, but has been enjoyed by non-medical persons.

The pre-conference survival skills seminar would be valuable to anyone!

The kids survival/ outdoor skills course is open to any kids older than 7 yrs old. It is geared towards kids age 8-16. We found that older teens prefer to sit in on the main course.