2023 WellSpan Health Collaborative

EBP and Nursing Research Conference


EBP and Nursing Research:

Finding a Better Way

April 18, 2023 ∙ Penn Harris Hotel, 1150 Camphill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA

Awards to be presented for “Outstanding Poster Presentation,” “Outstanding Podium Presentation,” and “Outstanding Published Manuscript”




  1. Manuscripts of EBP or nursing research published or accepted for publication from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022 may be submitted for consideration for “Outstanding Published Manuscript.” Manuscript award recipients from 2021-22  are not eligible to submit a manuscript.
  2. Send manuscript and proof of acceptance in electronic format to by

January 30, 2023. Late submissions will not be reviewed. NOTE: At least one manuscript author must be registered for the conference to be considered for the award.





  1. Submit abstract on or before December 22, 2022.  Late abstracts will not be reviewed.
  2. You may submit an abstract for a podium and/or poster presentation.
  3. All studies involving human subjects and/or their legal possessions (e.g., specimens, records) must include a statement of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or exemption.
  4. Adhere to Abstract Requirements listed below. Submission does not guarantee presentation at the program. Helpful hints for abstract writing can be found at the links below.
  5. The primary presenter must be present at the program.
  6. Previous award recipients between 2021 – 2022 will not be eligible to receive the same award.
  7. Upon notification of acceptance of abstract, the primary presenter must submit a completed biographical data form including conflict of interest disclosure and a “planning table form” per PSNA credit requirements upon request. 



Abstracts MUST be formatted using the headings listed below. Abstracts may NOT exceed 300 words, excluding title and headings. Do NOT identify your organization in the abstract. Include a reference list of 3 current references (last 5 years). Information about writing a successful abstract can be found at the link below.


Evidence-Based Practice Projects                               Research

  1. Background (problem or why topic is an issue)         1.  Introduction (background and significance)
  2. Practice question                                                        2.  Purpose
  3. EBP model                                                                  3.  Methods (design, setting, sample, instruments)
  4. Evidence synthesis                                                    4.  Results           
  5. Practice recommendations                                         5.  Conclusions/implications
  6. Practice changes planned/made (if applicable)                          
  7. Results (if applicable)     



Prepare your preliminary work off-line in a word-processing program such as MS Word (abstract, objective(s), references). It may then be copied and pasted into the online form at a link provided below. Please go to this link for more information:  


Deadline for All Submissions:  December 22, 2022




Preparing your EBP abstract

Preparing your Research abstract

How to have your abstract accepted for presentation